Chelsea  URGENT!!!

Chelsea URGENT!!!

Chelsea needs a home OUTSIDE of Albemarle County by 7/4/17!

Chelsea is a two year old Pit Bull mix who was originally brought to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA as a stray

in February of 2016. She was a loving, playful and happy dog; became easily excitable and had lots of energy.

Everyone that met Chelsea had nothing but nice things to say about her. She loved to hike, did well with other dogs,

rode well in the car, was house trained, the list went on and on.    

After four months, Chelsea was adopted. She spent six months in this home before she was brought back by an animal control officer who reported that her owner was bitten on his lower lip while “rough housing” with her. The owner had become angry and according to animal control, “beat her.” Upon examination by a veterinarian, Chelsea was now missing three teeth and one of her incisors had been fractured. Fortunately, the animal control officer was able to convince Chelsea’s owner to surrender her back to the CASPCA. The previous owner said she did great with people but made claims that she had gotten into two fights with other female dogs while in his care, once in a dog park and once on leash.  Since being back at the shelter, Chelsea has displayed mixed behavior towards other dogs, but overall seems to be too stimulated to interact with them appropriately. We sent her on a couple more day outings and she’s now being described as a dog looking for someone she can trust who will be slow and gentle with her. This observation of Chelsea’s demeanor was much different than the way she interacted with us before being adopted. It brings concern of what she may have experienced in this previous home.  Chelsea has faced many hardships yet is still very people-oriented and has a spunky, playful, personality. She is social and responds well to training. Many staff and volunteers have dedicated their time, helping her to form an understanding of acceptable behavior instead of becoming mouthy when overstimulated. While her behavior modification still has a ways to go, she has learned quickly what’s expected of her and is eager to please which makes training much easier. She needs a calm household with a strong routine. Her next owner needs to be aware and mindful that she needs to avoid situations that may spark over stimulation, (no rough play, no play parks, no children, no unsupervised playing with other dogs, and no other pets in the household.)