Honey (F)

Honey (F)

Honey will be arriving from the shelter in about 5 weeks after she finishs her heartworm treatment. Here is what the staff say about her:

Honey, female, Lab/bully blend, 40 pounds, 3 years old, HW+  Sweet as honey, that's our Honey! The staff absolutely loves this girl! Honey is a bit reserved but is very friendly and just wants to be loved. The lady that turned her in said that the neighbor moved and asked her to find Honey and her friend Trina a new home. Poor Honey has no idea what happened to her former home but she has made the best of her new reality and stays cheerful and upbeat, just waiting day by day to find a new home that will keep her as a cherished family member for the rest of her days. When she first came to us it was obvious that she had not been well cared for but now she has gained some weight and is ready and willing to move on from her past. She's a wonderful medium size and has the most lovely butterscotch coat with soulful, gorgeous hazel eyes. Honey isn't just all good looks though, she has such a calm, stable personality that she is being used as a dog tester dog because of her wonderful demeanor. She's a great choice for a home with other dogs and/or children. (Honey should have a home without bunnies, cats or chickens though, as she is too interested in them.)

Good looks, check!

Awesome personality, check!

There's not much more a person could ask for in a wonderful new pet!