Jack arrived at the shelter toting a golder retriever pup along with him. We weren't sure who looked worse. The pup was covered with demodex mange, but it was clear that Jack had been through a lot more. Jack was emaciated and covered in sores. It was also quickly discovered that someone had shot him multiple times in the face with a BB gun. Even after the abuse, he suffered from people he is still one of the sweetest boys you'll ever meet. He even let's his adopted brother be a bully to him, and takes it all in stride. He absolutely loved playing dress up for the camera, and stayed super still so his glasses wouldn't fall off. He thought he looked pretty charming in them! Jack was gentle man when on his walk with the gorgeous Hazel,  and didn't seem to interested in meeting our resident kitty Brinx. This guy is a sweet and playful soul and is hopeful that a loving family will see him and rescue him from his life of neglect and give him the future he deserves! Jack is 2-3 years old.