Niles (M)

Male. Here since 2012. Poor Niles was thrown from a vehicle going down interstate and rescued by a family that witnessed this horrible incident. The family was unable to keep him so he was taken to a high kill shelter in South Caroline. Thanks to some amazing volunteers the funds were raised to amputate his sverely broken leg. Niles joined VPFP in 2012 and was adopted shortly after. Poor guy thought he had a family of his own until they decided to move and not take him. So, he was returned to us and at no fault of his own, he is again waiting on a place to call his home. His weight needs to be monitored because of the stress on his hind leg if he becomes overweight. He is such a snuggle bug and very low energy inside the home. Apprx. 2-3 years old. 

Niles does have severe seperation anxiety.   It took him 6 months to get used to his current foster home.  He would do best with someone that is VERY dedicated to him and home most of the time.