Skye (F)

Hello!  My name is Skye!  I was told that my owner couldn't afford to feed me anymore so I was let loose to fend for myself.  I was found by a local rescue and taken in.  I was pretty malnourished at that point.  But they got me fattened up but had to put me in boarding because they didn't have a foster home that would take a pit bull.  So a foster home from VPFP took me in.  I have been there for about a week and I love it!  I love going to walks or just hanging out on the couch.  I like to get my whole body under a blanket and then pop my head out so I can see what all is going on.  I am crate trained and will go to the door when I need to go outside.  I will go outside, do my thing, and come right back to the door.  I also love to cuddle with my person and follow them around the house.  I am around 2 years old and about 50 pounds.  I will need slow introductions with other dogs so someone that is willing to take their time is ideal or an only dog home.  It took about a week for me to really get used to my with my current sister (the black dog) but now we are the best of friends!  We cuddle together and I even share toys with her.  I also am fine with cats. I really like to please my humans so I learn pretty quickly.