Male (Age Unknown)


Hi, my name is Tank! For my entire life, all I can remember is lugging around a logging chain that wouldn't let me roam very far. I had the ground worn down to dirt and wasn't allowed to play with the other dogs that surrounded me. I sat and waited for someone when they came to feed me or give me water. The one day when I was about 10 years old, my owners moved out but didn't take any of us with them. I heard my doggie friends that were left inside during the hot summer days barking and barking. Luckily, the neighbors saw us dogs outside and gave us food and water. When the police showed up, I heard them say that my doggie friend inside died of dehydration which made me very sad. 


I was taken by this nice lady that promised me a better life. Since then, I have been to the vet and found out that my health is pretty good for an older guy. I am heartworm negative (which doesn't mean anything to me but all the humans were pretty excited about that) and my senior blood panel was all normal or very close to normal. 


Now I am ready for adoption for a foster home! I am great with dogs and enjoy wrestling with them. I have never been able to do that before!! Cats don't really excite me so I just ignore them. I have some trachea damange from being on a chain for so long so sometimes I made some weird noises and need to be walked with a harness. I don't mind going in my crate especially if I can still see you in the room and I get a treat for it. 


I am looking for someone to give me lots of love and be patient with me as I still have a lot to learn. Could that someone be you?