Willow is an incredibly friendly, loving girl who just wants to please people. She loves other dogs, but is respectful of their space. She is also house broken. She is very treat motivated and has already learned sit, lay down, come, and is working on stay and wait. She doesn't yet know what to do with toys but when you leave the house, she will actually try chewing on a bone or two. Willow prefers to not go in a crate and so long as everything is picked up, and nothing is on the coffee table (wink wink) she is content to chew on a bone and have a kong filled with peanut butter when you leave or at night. She is still learning leash manners but is a quick study. She is quiet, but will bark if she sees someone outside her yard or hears someone at the door. Whoever adopts this little girl will be one lucky family. Dogs like Willow are once in a lifetime kind of dogs. (55 pounds, 2-3 years old) 2/4/2017